Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome arrivals


Henrique's art has finally arrived from Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And was it ever an adventure.  After weeks of bureaucratic hassles, the truck pulled up on Independence Avenue and --- drum roll please --- did not fit into the loading dock shared by The National Museum of African Art and the Freer Museum and Sackler Gallery of Asian Art!  It was too tall.  So, the museum's noble staff unloaded the crates there on the street in the 20-something degree weather.  The enormous crates were wheeled down the driveway, through the loading dock, to the doors of the museum, through which.... they were to big too fit.  In the end, one of the crates for Henrique's impressive new artwork, Xilonoma Chamusquius, had to be unpacked in the loading dock and then very carefully wheeled across the museum to the gallery where it now resides awaiting installation.  Henrique has taken just a bit of ribbing about why he couldn't have made work that was just a few inches smaller.

Did we mention they were heavy?


safely in the loading dock

K-9 Inspection team arrives to make sure there is nothing nefarious in the crates....

Back in the gallery, the crate containing Henrique's tapumes is repurposed as a bath tub to soak long strips of wood, though the staff are all vying to get a turn soaking out their own aching muscles

The other incredibly weldome arrival: Sandile!  He made it safe and sound from Johannesburg and came straight to the museum to see the excitement and catch up with Henrique.  We gave him sunday off to recover, but as of today we are starting to videotape him, as well, so stay tuned to hear him in his own words tomorrow!

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