Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I got to try!

Well, Henrique has succeeded in tearing down the "root" that wrapped its way around one of the support columns in the colum.  It's been replace by a new coil that droops lower, and I agree, looks better.  Best of all -- I got to have a turn drilling some of the support wood into place.  So, I earned my first splinter and gained a new appreciation for how the wood is placed to create this understructure.

In addition, we are positioning the "paintings" by Sandile Zulu.  I use the quotation marks because he works with fire, not paint.  Tomorrow, we are considering moving "Old Bones, Old Genes" 6 inches to the left.  We want to position a third work, "Large Colon(y) Brownprint" first to have a better visual of the overall harmony.  Sandile will be checking the blog, too, so that he can let us know what he thinks of the placement.

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