Wednesday, January 26, 2011

snow days

It's a bit desolate around here as the weather takes a turn for the worst outside.  The artists work on, however.  Today, they even had to shuffle their work around meeting with schoold groups -- a first grade class from Key elementary and painting students from the Corcoran School of Art.  I am running a bit behind with my picture taking, but there's definitely been process.  The platform is in place for Sandile's sculpture, "Spinal Diagnosis - a regenerate case no.2" and I'd say a good 80-85% of the surface Henrique's "Bololo" is now covered.

Sandile's platform is coated with a green primer.  It will be painted white before he begins installing.
We're jsut waiting for a clear path through Henrique's "tapumes!"

Henrique's "Xilonoma Chamusquius" still lies on in three parts on tables in the gallery. Here, Don Llewellyn is making a template for where the screws will go when we attach it to the wall. This way, we will be able to find the screws without digging holes in the wall when it's time to deinstall.

Henrique selecting some "tapumes" strips of wood for the surface of his tangled roots, "Bololo."

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